Before And After...And After III by kanyewesteros

Question 11

(deep breath) Can a monkey play first base for the Red Sox? Apparently he can, say a Wisconsin politician, famously strong tv character, and children's wildlife magazine. Next it's time to shoot free throws underhanded at the Copacabana with the cast of an AMC show that isn't as good as Breaking Bad but also isn't Better Call Saul. Why are Louis XIV and Kevin James playing music together?! No One Knows! But soon they switch to playing a computer strategy game with Darth Vader, stopping only when A.J., Howie, Nick, Kevin, and Brian announce their collaboration with Thin Lizzy (15 clauses)

Curious George Scott Walker, Texas Ranger Rick Barry Manilow Winter Sun King Of Queens Of The Stone Age Of Empire Strikes Backstreet Boys Are Back In Town