They are who we thought they were by Egantx7

Question 8

On 1 June 1991, this man had to deal with his catcher be rushed to the hospital after taking a Bobby Thigpen fastball in the ear, and then a massive fight breaking out against his former team. After the game, AP reporter Bob Glass stated that That had to be a very scary moment. This man responded by raising his voice and saying he didn't want to talk about it. When Glass yelled at him not to yell, this man heatedly terminated the interview, and walked away. Glass responded Don't pull that. Be a man," Security was able to rescue Glass, and eject him from the locker room before this man and his entire team beat Glass to shards and send him to join Terry Steinbach in the hospital. Identify this usually soft-spoken manager who, at the time, was managing the defending AL champions.

Tony LaRussa