They are who we thought they were by Egantx7

Question 4

Fill in the blank with a player's name

Paul Olden, the former PA announcer for the Yankees was interviewing Tommy Lasorda after a 15 inning devastating (and rare) loss to the Cubs on 14 May 1978. Olden's question was "What's your opinion of ______'s performance?" What followed was Tommy dropping four f-bombs, a few "Jesus Christs" and a few repetitions of the question ... which clearly showed he had an opinion of not liking the situation. This man hit 442 home runs, the most of any non-Hall of Famer from the pre-roids era.

Identify this Adam Dunn of yesteryear who on 14 May 1978 pounded out 3 home runs against Lasorda's Dodgers, including a three run shot in the top of the 15th to win the game.

(Dave) Kingman