They are who we thought they were by Egantx7

Question 3

Exact five word answer needed (words need to be in order).

The rant most famous for this five word phrase was prompted by an article titled "QB Change: All About Attitude" written by Jenni Carlson, who based her story on rumors that Bobby Reid was not playing through injuries, and required his mom to help him psychologically. In fact Reid's lower performance was because he was playing through injuries, was being forced to adapt to a system that was not ideal, and had been getting inconsistent communication from his coach.

Carlson's story gave that coach, Mike Gundy, an opportunity to heroically defend Reid, even though Gundy was partially responsible for Reid's problems. Identify these famous five words said by Coach Mike Gundy in a post-game press conference on 22 September 2007 which follow the wordsCome after me!.

I'm a man, I'm 40!