They are who we thought they were by Egantx7

Question 2

It is usually a sign that a manager will soon be fired when he refers to the home fans as those 3,000 fucking people who show up every day. This manager also informed the assembled press that those fans could kiss my fuckin' ass right downtown, AND PRINT IT! Later calling the fans nickel dime people who are mutherfuckers who don't even work. To be fair, this man did not know that Les Grobstein was recording him, and to also be fair, he was defending his players who were being booed by the nearly empty stadium. To continue the fairness, they were the Cubs, so they likely deserved to be booed, and the fans were Cubs fans, so this manager wasn't wholly incorrect ;-) Name this 1982-83 Cubs manager who was fired immediately after his immortal rant went public.

Lee Elia