Olympic scandals by Egantx7

Question 10

This President of the IOC in 1968 repudiated the use of the Olympics as a place for politics by the men in question 9, and arranged for their eviction from the games. This man might have had more credibility had it not been for his enthusiastic support of the German government at the 1936 games. When asked to defend his support of hundreds of athletes giving the Nazi salute in Berlin, while attacking two men supporting human rights in Mexico City, this man said that the Nazi salute was acceptable because it represented a nation. Name this only American to lead he IOC, who pushed for the 1972 games to continue after the terrorists invaded the Olympic village, worked tirelessly to keep advertising, and professional athletes out of the Olympics, and did not live to see his protege (and Franco supporter), Juan Antonio Samaranch become President of the IOC.

Avery Brundage