Top 1000 films #1 by creedofhubris

Question 2

FILL IN THE XES from this 1978 movie review: “The wisdom of "A Woman of Paris," which was first released in 1923 but often feels as if it were made just yesterday, really does seem boundless; so do the affection and generosity with which Mr. XXXXXX presents his characters. The film, described by an introductory note from Mr. XXXXXXX as "the first serious drama written and directed by myself," has nothing of the Little YYYYY about it, although the director does appear in a tiny cameo role as a railway porter. Consequently, it was a commercial failure in its day. After that, it stayed out of circulation for more than 50 years, until Mr. XXXXXXX prepared a new score and allowed the film to be screened at the Museum of Modern Art two years ago.”