Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America, Vol. 1 by Consigliari

Question 1

Andy is the lead singer for quite possibly the greatest band in history, MouseRat (or RatMouse, depending on the week). But there were many other band names before the band struck naming gold. Name THREE other names the band has used.

Scarecrow Boat; Malice in Chains; Punch Face Champion; Flames for Flames; The Andy Andy Andys; Crackfinger; Department of Homeland Obscurity; Fourskin; Puppy Pendulum; Possum Pendulum; Penis Pendulum; Radwagon; Jet Black Pope; Muscle Confusion; Just the Tip; Fiveskin; Threeskin; Angel Snack; Nothing Rhymes with Orange; Everything Rhymes with Orange; Nothing Rhymes with Blorange; Ninja Dick