They guest starred on "Star Trek" by Egantx7

Question 2

The disaster of a DS9 episode "Let He Who Is Without Sin ..." involves Worf joining a terrorist group to bring down a pleasure planet because Worf never liked to have a good time, especially when his girlfriend (Dax) has met up with a former lover, played by this woman. This woman is one of the few who is allowed to have a duplicate SAG stage named, shared with a woman with the middle initial "A" (this woman starred in the filmSoul Food, while "A" starred in the TV series of the same name). This woman played Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty and was the woman being protected by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Eraser. This woman has 11 Grammy nominations, including one for singing "Colors of the Wind" on the soundtrack for the Disney film Pocahontas. Identify this first African-American woman to be crowned Miss America, who still managed to make an exceptional career after her title was taken away when previously taken nude photos of her surface in Penthouse Magazine.

Vanessa (L.) Williams