The Women of Sci-Fi by Egantx7

Question 6

First or last name will be acceptable

Michelle Ryan (aka Zoe from Eastenders) briefly played this role in 2007. The first woman to play this role won the 1977 Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for playing this character. This character originally died when she premiered on another show but cryogenics and amnesia granted this character her own series. Originally a tennis player, this middle school teacher suffered a near fatal injury while skydiving with her then fiance, Col. Steve Austin. A 1989 MFTV film saw this character serve as a mentor to a young Sandra Bullock character, who was undergoing a similar medical procedure. Identify this former tennis pro who fought Bigfoot and Fembots while working for Oscar Goldman at the OSI in the TV series The Bionic Woman.

Jamie Sommars