Spain...Sort Of by brm7189


This quiz actually has nothing to do with the country; rather, every answer contains each of the letters in SPAIN at least once (though not necessarily in order). Some answers are multiple words.


Answer the questions below to the best of your ability without using outside resources. Outside references include (but certainly are not limited to) searching for an answer on the internet, looking at maps, using a calculator, or asking a friend (or foe) if they know the answer. Basically, you are relying on your brain (and maybe a pencil and paper).

For each correct answer, you will receive 15 points. You must also mark 5 questions as "money" questions. For each money question that you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points equal to the percent of players who answered incorrectly. (That is, if 25% of players got a question right, its money bonus would be worth 75 points.) You still don't get any points for a wrong answer, though, so try to select the hardest questions you think you have answered correctly. (Note: You can't use outside resources to help pick your money questions either.)

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Question 1

What 80s sitcom, centered around the lives of the suburban Seaver family, gave a young Leonardo DiCaprio his first major role, as troubled homeless teen Luke Brower?

Question 2

What fictional English heavy metal band cycled through 18 drummers, all of whom died from various unusual causes including, “a bizarre gardening accident,” “choking on vomit” (although not his own), and “exploding onstage”?

Question 3

Which drug, first introduced in 1899 as a treatment for rheumatic fever and gout, is now the most widely used in the world?

Question 4

Who is the third, lesser-known member of hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa?

Question 5

Which province is Canada’s smallest by both area and population?

Question 6

What bluesy singer was paid $750 to perform at Woodstock, wowing the crowd with “Piece of My Heart”?

Question 7

What is the name of the process that heats food and milk to kill harmful microorganisms?

Question 8

What is the largest inland body of water in the world?

Question 9

What WWII battle is often referred to as the “Pacific D-Day”?

Question 10

In 2015, who tied Tiger Woods’ then-record for lowest 72-hole score at the Masters, and set the records for best 36- and 54-hole scores? (The 72-hole record has since been broken and the 54-hole record tied, both by Dustin Johnson in 2018.)

Question 11

What Asian city has topped The Economist’s list of the world’s most expensive cities for seven of the last eight years?

Question 12

What Roald Dahl book features two horrid women named Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge?