The Week of June 21, 2020 by CoenM



Answer the questions below to the best of your ability without using outside resources. Outside references include (but certainly are not limited to) searching for an answer on the internet, looking at maps, using a calculator, or asking a friend (or foe) if they know the answer. Basically, you are relying on your brain (and maybe a pencil and paper).

For each correct answer, you will receive 15 points. You must also mark 5 questions as "money" questions. For each money question that you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points equal to the percent of players who answered incorrectly. (That is, if 25% of players got a question right, its money bonus would be worth 75 points.) You still don't get any points for a wrong answer, though, so try to select the hardest questions you think you have answered correctly. (Note: You can't use outside resources to help pick your money questions either.)

This quiz is closed for grading, and you can no longer submit answers. When the author has finished grading, the results will be published on this page.


Question 1

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced that The American Museum of Natural History will remove a statue of what US PRESIDENT from its grounds, as it "explicitly depicts Black and Indigenous people as subjugated and racially inferior?"

Theodore Roosevelt

Question 2

A 2 kilometer ring of shafts, each of which is over 10 meters wide and 5 meters deep, was discovered just three kilometers away from what NEOLITHIC SITE ON SALISBURY PLAIN?


Question 3

A "Godzilla dust cloud," the thickest in over 50 years, swept over the Caribbean and the southeast US from what DESERT? An annual event, this year's dense cloud is attributed to a greater number of dust storms and a weaker easterly jet stream.


Question 4

What US state rolled back part of its reopening in the face of a rapid increase in positive Covid-19 tests, setting three straight one-day records, topping out at over 9500 cases on Saturday? The state has seen a fivefold increase in Covid-19 cases in the last two weeks.


Question 5

Native American groups expressed displeasure over Donald Trump's plan to kick off the 4th of July weekend with fireworks at what NATIONAL MONUMENT? Other parties voiced concerns over the potential for the event to start wildfires and spread Covid-19.

Mount Rushmore

Question 6

Hashim Thaci, the president of what EUROPEAN COUNTRY, was indicted on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes stemming from his country's 1998-9 war of independence against Serbia?


Question 7

The US House of Representatives passed a bill that would make what FEDERAL AREA a state? The Senate is not expected to take up the bill.

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)

Question 8

The White House stated that Donald Trump was not briefed on reports that what COUNTRY's military intelligence offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US and British troops?


Question 9

What IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY announced it was taking Woodrow Wilson's name off of its school of public policy citing his "racist thinking and policies?"

Princeton University (edited at 7:16 pm, June 29, 2020 (EDT))

Question 10

Your HallR mini-theme(TM) of the week: States of Change. What US STATE's legislature started the process of changing its flag, the last state flag to incorporate the Confederate battle flag into its design?


Question 11

What US STATE is considering a change to its official name that would include removing the word "Plantations?" As a colony it was the first to ban slavery, but the law was not enforced.

Rhode Island

Question 12

In a blow to fans of animatronics and mediocre pizza, the parent company of what KID-FRIENDLY RESTAURANT CHAIN filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? While it's reopened about half of the 555 company-owned locations, over 30 may be closed for good as the company restructures.

Chuck E. Cheese (or Peter Piper Pizza)