Billboard #1 Hit Wonders of 1990s (Part 3: The R&B/Rap Edition) by CourtneyKhaaaaaan


Need to bone up on your Billboard Chart history? Ever get a question at pub quiz about a one-hit-wonder and you scream in frustration? Then this series of quizzes will help you! I'll be talking about artists that only had ONE song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. I'll be doing a quiz or three (there's a lot of these songs) for every decade that the Hot 100 has been around. So, get your music brains on and let's begin! Let's go back to the greatest decade of music: the 1990s: the time of wonder(walls), teen pop, and not having to take your shoes off before you got on an airplanes.


Answer the questions below to the best of your ability without using outside resources. Outside references include (but certainly are not limited to) searching for an answer on the internet, looking at maps, using a calculator, or asking a friend (or foe) if they know the answer. Basically, you are relying on your brain (and maybe a pencil and paper).

For each correct answer, you will receive 35 points. You must also mark 5 questions as "money" questions. For each money question that you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points equal to the percent of players who answered incorrectly. (That is, if 25% of players got a question right, its money bonus would be worth 75 points.) You still don't get any points for a wrong answer, though, so try to select the hardest questions you think you have answered correctly. (Note: You can't use outside resources to help pick your money questions either.)

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Question 1

Simple question: In 1992, Kris Kross made you WHAT? (aka the name of their #1 hit)

Question 2

Also in 1992, WHAT FORMER MISS AMERICA 1984 hit the top spot with the ballad "Save the Best for Last"? This future Desperate Housewife and boss of Betty Suarez sure did.

Question 3

Late 1992 also saw the rise of girl group SWV but it wasn't until the next year that they got their #1 hit, "Weak." What does the abbreviation SWV stand for?

Question 4

In 1990, crooner Stevie B got his hit with WHAT SONG, off his second album Love & Emotion? Subtitled "The Postman Song," this sappy slow jam probably saw a high school dance or two.

Question 5

"I like the way you kiss me when we're playing the kissing game" is the main line from the 1991 #1 song by WHAT R&B MALE QUINTET? Signed to Jive Records, this band also had two other top 10s "I Can't Wait Another Minute" and "She's Playing Hard to Get."

Question 6

Divine, a trio of female belters, got to the top with WHAT SONG in 1998? They were thinking about their babies and just sitting away watching the days go by.

Question 7

The more questions I write about 1991, the weirder I think that year was. Timmy T (yep, that's his name) hit the top spot with WHAT SONG that year? It's a little sappy and heavy on the piano and synthesizer but was successful all across Europe.

Question 8

WHAT R&B GROUP wanted to lick you up and down and get freaky with you on their 1993 top slow jam "Freak Me"?

Question 9

My anaconda don' anaconda don' anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon! Before Nicki Minaj remixed it, WHICH RAPPER famously celebrated the female booty on the 1992 classic "Baby Got Back"?

Question 10

1993 saw the emergence of Canadian reggae artist Snow on THIS #1 TRACK. Maybe you should "a licky boom boom down" and give it a listen.

Question 11

Fun fact about this writer: I love the movie Dangerous Minds and especially its bomb soundtrack, led by THIS SONG by rapper Coolio. Famously parodied by Weird Al Yankovic, there was conflict about whether Coolio actually gave his permission for the spoof.

Question 12

Welcome back to the quiz: Plagiarism Corner! A 1981 duet by Queen and David Bowie was rather obviously ripped off by Vanilla Ice in 1990 and Ice's flimsy explanation of the difference has become legend. Stop, collaborate and NAME BOTH SONGS. (TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED)