The Week of September 29, 2019 by CoenM



Answer the questions below to the best of your ability without using outside resources. Outside references include (but certainly are not limited to) searching for an answer on the internet, looking at maps, using a calculator, or asking a friend (or foe) if they know the answer. Basically, you are relying on your brain (and maybe a pencil and paper).

For each correct answer, you will receive 15 points. You must also mark 5 questions as "money" questions. For each money question that you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points equal to the percent of players who answered incorrectly. (That is, if 25% of players got a question right, its money bonus would be worth 75 points.) You still don't get any points for a wrong answer, though, so try to select the hardest questions you think you have answered correctly. (Note: You can't use outside resources to help pick your money questions either.)

This quiz is closed for grading, and you can no longer submit answers. When the author has finished grading, the results will be published on this page.


Question 1

Incumbent president Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Abdullah Abdullah both claimed victory in what ASIAN COUNTRY's presidential election, even though preliminary results aren't expected for nearly three weeks?


Question 2

What YOUTH-ORIENTED CLOTHING RETAILER filed for bankruptcy, announcing plans to close most stores in Europe and Asia while reorganizing in the US, Mexico, and Latin America to take on newer competing stores like H&M and Primark?

Forever 21

Question 3

What 2020 US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE suffered a heart attack, and spent a couple of days in the hospital after having stents inserted to open a blocked artery?

Bernie Sanders

Question 4

What US CABINET SECRETARY made the news this week with word that he was planning to resign in November, only to have that scooped by Donald Trump saying he only called Ukraine's president at the secretary's behest?

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Question 5

The World Trade Organization greenlit US plans to levy over $7 billion in tariffs on EU goods as part of an ongoing dispute over subsidies given to what EUROPEAN AERONAUTICS FIRM?


Question 6

In comments made to the press outside of the White House, Donald Trump said that what ASIAN NATION should also investigate Joe and Hunter Biden?


Question 7

What CASINO OPERATOR came to a $735 million settlement with victims and families of the mass shooting from the Mandalay Bay that killed 58 attendees of a country music festival?


Question 8

Over 100 people died and over 6000 wounded in a week of protests in what MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRY, where a lack of jobs and ongoing corruption have led to public demonstrations against the government of prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi?


Question 9

Ashes were stolen and a memorial defaced at a site honoring what INDIAN INDEPENDENCE FIGURE on his 150th birthday?

Mahatma Gandhi

Question 10

Researchers analyzing data from the Cassini probe announced the presence of organic molecules in ice captured from what MOON OF SATURN? (edited at 12:59 pm, October 7, 2019 (EDT))


Question 11

While US representatives said they "had good discussion," representatives of what COUNTRY blamed the US for the breakup of working-level discussions on nuclear weapons, just days after the country tested a submarine-based missile?

North Korea

Question 12

What TENOR resigned as general director of the Los Angeles Opera, saying that ongoing accusations of sexual misconduct have compromised his ability to serve in that role?

Placido Domingo