NFL Predictions 2019 by CoenM


Time to strap on your helmet - no, not that one, it's no longer certifiable due to age - and make your best guesses about the upcoming season of the National Football League.


Answer the questions below to the best of your ability without using outside resources. Outside references include (but certainly are not limited to) searching for an answer on the internet, looking at maps, using a calculator, or asking a friend (or foe) if they know the answer. Basically, you are relying on your brain (and maybe a pencil and paper).

For each correct answer, you will receive 15 points. You must also mark 5 questions as "money" questions. For each money question that you answer correctly, you will receive bonus points equal to the percent of players who answered incorrectly. (That is, if 25% of players got a question right, its money bonus would be worth 75 points.) You still don't get any points for a wrong answer, though, so try to select the hardest questions you think you have answered correctly. (Note: You can't use outside resources to help pick your money questions either.)

This quiz is closed for grading, and you can no longer submit answers. When the author has finished grading, the results will be published on this page.


Question 1

We're just going to assume that the Patriots are going to win the AFC East. What team will finish SECOND in the division? And yes, if you really think the Patriots will not win the AFC East, go ahead and put them. Throw your points away!

BUF, MIA, NYJ, (or NE, but come on now)

Question 2

How many REGULAR SEASON WINS will the Cleveland Browns have this season?

a number between 0 and 16, inclusive

Question 3

What TEAM will win the AFC South?


Question 4

TRUE OR FALSE: The San Diego Padres will have a higher average home attendance for 2019 regular season home games than the Los Angeles Chargers?

true or false

Question 5

What QUARTERBACK will start the most regular season games for a NFC East tearm? In the case of a tie, all players in that tie will be counted as correct.

One or more QBs for DAL, PHI, NYG, or WAS

Question 6

How many KICKERS will attempt field goals and extra points for the Chicago Bears during the regular season? All players who are credited with an attempted field goal or extra point will count towards the total.

A number between 0 and probably something like 183

Question 7

Which of these OPTIONS will rack up the most regular season receiving yards? A) Julio Jones; B) Mike Evans; C) Michael Thomas; D) Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore?

A, B, C, or D

Question 8

What TEAM will finish last in the NFC West? In case of a tie the correct answer will be used by applying NFL tiebreaker rules.


Question 9

What TEAM will finish the regular season with the best record? In the event that multiple teams tie, all teams in the tie will be considered correct.

2018: Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints

Question 10

What TEAM will win the Super Bowl?

2019: New England Patriots

Question 11

What PLAYER will win the Associated Press MVP award?

2018: Pat Mahomes

Question 12

What HEAD COACH will be the first to be fired? If multiple head coaches are fired on the same day, the winner will be the coach whose firing is announced first in the news section of (and should multiple firings be mentioned in the same post, all of the coaches will be considered correct).

2018: Hue Jackson

Question 13

What will be the highest number of POINTS scored by one team in a regular season game?

2018: 54 (LA Rams, week 11 vs KC)

Question 14

This one is more NFL-adjacent. What TEAM will win the CFL's Grey Cup? Link provided for current active teams in the CFL.

Click for additional information

2018: Calgary Stampeders