Bears Quarterbacks by Egantx7

Question 12

First and last name needed. On 4 November 2013, Bears fans saw things they hadn't seen in a long time: a win on Monday Night Football, a win over the Packers, and a quarterback finishing a game without an interception. That season would see him lead the NFL in quarterback rating between week 6 and week 12, and his 109.9 QB rating for the season was the highest in Bears history. When Lovie Smith was hired in Tampa, this guy who played at both SMU and Sam Houston State was signed to start, though was not as effective in Tampa as he had been in Chicago. Name this QB who, in 2015, was the Opening Day starter for the Browns before being demoted to back up Johnny Manziel, and then back to starter again after the Browns realized the mistake they had made in giving Johnny Manziel a Browns uniform.

Josh McCown