Ballparks by Egantx7

Question 6

This abomination of a stadium deserves scorn if for nothing else that it is here where the wave was first performed at a baseball game. The owner hired a local scamp who sang outside the park, Stanley Burrell, to be the batboy/cluhouse spy for him; the kid reminded many ball players of a young Hank Aaron. Its aesthetics have earned it the derogatory nickname "The Mausoleum", and it has some of the largest area for foul territory in MLB. Despite its looks, and the three or so raw sewage leaks the park has sprung in the past three years, this stadium has witnessed six World Series, and once had over 55,000 people watch this stadium's resident team win a 20th consecutive game. Rather than name the stadium, which has gone through so many name changes that they may not even know what the current name is, just give me the city it is located in.

Oakland, California