Questions On Turning Thirty-Two by KlionskyG

Question 13

Don't money this one!

Got anything I should know about being 32? Want to complain that there are three baseball questions or that US units are a pain to work with? Ideas for future Mystery Themes or other quizzes? That you studied up on your vice presidents and chemical elements before opening this quiz?

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Turning 32 means that I have by definition already had my "golden" birthday, the day on which my age in years is equal to the day of the month on which my birthday falls (that is: 12, in my case, because my birthday is 2/12). ※ But my birthday is a palindrome this year! When written in DD/MM/YYYY format as 12/02/2021, it's the same forwards and backwards! ※ Putting these two things together, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, who were both born on February 12, 1809, are celebrating a sort of palindromic golden birthday as they "turn" 212 on 2/12/2021: a SURPRISE DOUBLE PALINDROME GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!