Finally! A feel-good quiz about NAZIS! by Bup

Question 6

I swear to God it makes me want to spit. In an episode of "The Twilight Zone," (original run), a guy decided to travel back in time to 'fix' a lot of stuff. One of the failed fixes involved him going back to a Hitler speech where he planned to assassinate Hitler from a hotel across the way from the balcony where Hitler spoke. He had his cross-hairs *on Hitler* when he didn't take the shot because SOMEONE KNOCKED ON HIS HOTEL ROOM DOOR. I kid you not. If you haven't seen this episode, it's likely because it was aired during what season of the series that did one hour length episodes instead of half-hour, so they don't fit easily into syndication? (I beg you, give me a number between one and however many seasons you think "The Twilight Zone" aired, I don't want years like "the 196x-196y season).

4, 4th