No Apostrophes by DreyfusB

Question 7

On the topic of presidential candidates, the following quote was taken from what (now-defunct) website? (Give the DOMAIN NAME.) "I was treated to a segment from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, during which John Kerry, clad in leather and denim, rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle onto the set and parked it right in the middle of the stage, in lieu of the traditional 'enter stage left'. My initial reaction, as should be the reaction of any card-carrying member of the Common Sense Club, was 'Oh my God. What an ass.' [...] Despite this and several other occurrences, Kerry has gone on to secure himself a spot on the ballot in November. Now, the challenge at hand is to get George W. Bush out of office and retired permanently to his beloved ranch in Crawford. In order to accomplish this, Kerry will need absolutely every single vote he can get."