In the words of those who have passed - 2018 edition by Egantx7

Question 2


Chris Brasher was leading. He was a steeplechaser. I settled back. First lap, 58 seconds, and then as one hoped, he took us through the half-mile in 1:58. Then during the lap in which Chris Chataway took over, inevitably he was tiring. Three quarters, I heard was 3 minutes, 1 second. I knew I had to do the last lap in 59. At 300 meters, I overtook him. I then went flat out for the finishing line and just about managed to stagger over it, all in. I couldn't stand at the end. I had always been able to take more out of myself than there was in the final sprint and I did on that occasion.

Roger Bannister (first man to run a 4 minute mile)