Ramblers by Egantx7

Question 4

Susan Ralston, who earned two degrees from Loyola, worked as the senior adviser to this guy from 2001 until she was forced to resign in 2006, after admitting that this guy routinely sent sensitive information using his RNC e-mail address. Unlike another of her former bosses, Jack Abramoff, this guy never went to jail for his crimes. Even as a teen, this guy's political dirty tricks drew the attention of the Watergate investigations, and despite full blown shenanigans to win leadership of the College Republicans in a disputed election, George H.W. Bush proclaimed him the winner. Name this all-around scumbag (and turd blossom, according to W. Bush) who was George W. Bush's senior adviser and then Deputy Chief of Staff, who should have gone to jail over the many scandals he was (allegedly) involved in from the firing of US attorneys to impeding Congressional investigations to the whole Valerie Plame thing.

Karl Rove