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Question 8

This guy played young Moses in the Oscar nominated film Witness, playing one of the few Amish characters with a speaking role in the film. In 1990 he had roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Young Guns II. In 1993, he played Lalin opposite Al Pacino and Sean Penn in Carlito's Way before getting his first starring role in American Yakuza. In The Prophecy he played the suave Lucifer opposite Christopher Walken's deadly serious Angel Gabriel, and got first seriously noticed playing Denzel Washington's friend, Weps, in Crimson Tide. He tortured and respected Demi Moore as the Master Chief in G.I. Jane and played alcoholic Major League pitcher Eddie Boone opposite Sandra Bullock in 28 Days. Identify this multi-Oscar nominated actor who will eternally be remembered for playing a role which he played three times between 2001 and 2003.

Viggo Mortensen