Pretty Little Liars 1DS Bonus Questions by RautY

Question 12

Alpaca's choice: Answer EITHER of the following two questions. For both, the answer is a common American female first name. They have different answers, and if you attempt to answer both only your first response will be counted.

1) Created by Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia, the WIGS YouTube channel is dedicated to presenting high-quality scripted web series with female-centric narratives. What well-made and ultra-depressing 2012-13 series starred Troian Bellisario as a soldier coping with the trauma of sexual assault? (Hint: All WIGS series are named for the first name of their female protagonist.)

2) In the Pretty Little Liars books, what is the first name of Alison's (putatively mentally ill) twin sister who tricks her parents into returning Alison to the Preserve instead of her? By taking over Alison's life, she sets in motion the chain of events that leads to ... ah, but I've said too much.

1) Lauren; 2) Courtney