Chicago White Sox by Egantx7

Question 4

His 0.331 career batting average with the Sox is the second highest in team history, while his 368 stolen bases in a Sox uniform is the franchise career record. 2,007 of his over 3,000 hits came in a Sox uniform, yet the White Sox do nothing to honor this man who sat next to Babe Ruth in the photograph of inductees taken at the first Hall of Fame ceremony. He briefly managed the White Sox in the 1920s, and while he signed Ted Williams as GM of the Red Sawx, he also refused to turn up for a token tryout the Red Sawx gave to Jackie Robinson. Identify this second baseman who also played in Philadelphia, the second player after Ty Cobb to accrue 3,000 hits entirely in the 20th century.

Edward Trowbridge Collins, Sr.