SNL and The Presidency: 1975-2008 by BarkerC

Question 7

Fill in the blank (all blanks are the same word): President Clinton: ( chews his McMuffin ) Mmm.. that's a good question. Yes, I do.. and let me tell you why. See, right now, we're sending in.. ( holds us McMuffin ) ( puts McMuffin in front of Male Customer ) Somalia.. but it's not getting to the people who need it because.. ( brings McMuffin back to himself )'s being intercepted by the [BLANK].. ( chews McMuffin some more ) And it's not just us. It's other countries, too.. ( grabs a McNugget from another customer ) Your McNugget is aid from Great Britain.. ( takes it to other customer, then gobbles it down ) ..intercepted by [BLANK]! ( grabs someone's Filet-o-Fish ) This man's Filet-o-Fish over here is relief from Italy.. ( pops it in his mouth ) ..[BLANK]! And you can send all the food you want.. ( grabs different items ) ..a McDLT, hot apple pie.. it's just gonna end up with.. ( puts it all in his mouth ) ..the [BLANK]!