Mystery Theme VIII: Baseball by KlionskyG

Question 10

My bologna has a first name, part I
September 1908: Tie game, bottom of the ninth, two outs. Moose is on third, Fred's on first, Al comes up to the plate. Al singles, Moose scores: game over! The fans storm the field.

But wait! Fred never touched second base! What an idiot! A total compete dummkopf! The Cubs make the force play, the umps call Fred "out", and the game ends in a tie. The Cubs win the makeup game and, eventually, their second straight World Series. By what simultaneously witless and upstanding possessive name is this famous play known?

Merkle's boner (not to be confused with Snodgrass's Muff in the 1912 World Series, named after a different Fred and a different body part)