The Hammer by Egantx7

Question 7

In addition to power, Aaron had some speed (he was the third player in MLB history to have a 30-30 season), but only one of his 755 career home runs was of the inside the park variety, and it came on 10 May 1967 off of this noted scumbag. At the time, this guy was in his last season with the Phillies before setting off for the Pirates, and all 9 of his All-Star Game roster appearances were in the rearview mirror. This man's charity reportedly only ever gave 25% of the money they collected to charity, while he drew a six figure salary from it, and while he was a gung-ho union supporter when it benefitted him, he objected to the extension of COBRA in 2010 to help the unemployed. While he was correct to call Mitch McConnell a control freak, his retirement paved the way for fellow scumbag Rand Paul to be given too much power. With a resume that includes three no hitters (one of which was a perfect game) identify this man from a long list of terrible Kentucky senators who allegedly used his influence on the veterans committee to swing his 1996 election to the Hall of Fame.

Jim Bunning