The Hammer by Egantx7

Question 5

This guy was the Braves starting left fielder until he fractured his ankle sliding in to a base during a spring training game, clearing the way for Aaron to crack the starting lineup. While Wally Pipp is generally only notable for being the guy who Lou Gehrig replaced, this guy, whom Aaron replaced, is considerably more notable in his own right. Identify this Glasgow born outfielder nicknamed "The Staten Island Scot" who six years prior to giving way to Hank Aaron, ripped out and curb stomped the collective hearts of the people of Brooklyn, allegedly with the help of some sign stealing, thanks to one swing of his bat on the cool autumn afternoon of the 3rd of October, 1951.

Bobby Thomson (hitter of a shot heard around the world) (edited at 6:06 pm, February 2, 2021 (EST))

Original Answer: Bobby Thompson (hitter of a shot heard around the world)