Mystery Theme V by KlionskyG

Question 5

In New York City in the late 1920s, baseball fans had two "Babes" to root for, and, oddly, both also had the same other name as part of their given name.

Babe 1 is the Yankees' well-known Babe Ruth, who homered three times off Tony Welzer in 1927 among his 714 career home runs.

Babe 2, playing for the Dodgers, is still tied for the MLB record by having hit three career cycles. Many of his 1930 numbers (.393 batting average, .678 slugging percentage, 241 hits, 416 total bases) remain Dodgers franchise records.

What is Babe 1's middle name, which is also Babe 2's last name?

HERMAN (🇩🇪 German) (clue: Tony Welzer was born in Germany)