Musical Turkeys by DixonD

Question 12

Year: 2005
Rating: 0.0 and 10.0
"On the scale of artist indulgence, and by any other measure for that matter, this is a solid 10.0 if ever there was one, friends. This-- this-- is a 10 as surely as Metal Machine Music is a 10, as surely as Having Fucking Fun on Stage With Elvis is a 10, as surely as any exercise so bafflingly, inexplicably, unintentionally and intentionally hilarious even in concept is a 10; good god-- what the hell else can this album receive? The rating is inconsequential. It's either a 10 or a zero, and considering Bob [Pollard] is the reigning king of intoxicated concert rambling it's sure as hell not a zero, m'man. A single listen will verify this."

The person speaking in the clip is primarily known as the lead singer and lyricist of what band?

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Guided by Voices (Relaxation of the Asshole)