Musical Turkeys by DixonD

Question 4

Year: 1980, 1981
Rating: 0.8, 0.0
First review: "As a fan growing up, I never owned this album. I didn't know how bad it was and, sadly, I wish I could have remained in those gorgeous shadows for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I listened to Unmasked and became a much sadder man for the experience."
Second review: "Grasping at straws, [the band] rehired Destroyer producer Bob Ezrin and wanted him to help crank out the hits. Ah, but the band was living in the age of early '80s metal, and the man at the soundboard was not only the same man who produced the most 'far out' of [the band's] albums, but whose last project was Pink Floyd's The Wall. Ezrin made the boneheaded suggestion of ditching their new rock tunes and instead recording a concept album about a young hero's quest to slay an elf, or something to that effect."

Name the band.

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Kiss (Unmasked, Music from "The Elder")