Educated Actors by Egantx7

Question 3

This guy studied chemistry at Clemson, earning a degree in same at Washington State. This man served one year in his homeland's marine corps, and stayed there to earn a degree in chemical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology before earning a masters in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney. In the early 1980s, he was a European karate champion. He was preparing to begin using his Fulbright scholarship at MIT when he was hired by Grace Jones to be her bodyguard, a job that led to his brief appearance as a KGB muscleman in A View to a Kill. In 2016, he will star in Kindergarten Cop 2, and he has previously starred in Universal Soldier and The Expendables. Identify this behemoth of a Swede who credits Sylvester Stallone for his healthy lifestyle after portraying Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

Dolph Lundgren