2001 at 50 by Egantx7

Question 7

In 2010 we are introduced to Dr. Chandra, the creator of the HAL-9000, who has moved upstate to the University of Chicago, and has been dealing with the melancholy of losing his greatest creation. We are also introduced to his new creation, SAL-9000. In the film, the voice of SAL-9000 is credited to "Olga Mallsnerd", which was a pseudonym for this actress. In 1990, this actress became the first female member of Saturday Night Live's Five Timers club. The winner of 6 Emmy Awards for playing the same character (a role she will be returning to, soon), identify this actress who played the villainous Kathy Morningside in Miss Congeniality and Reese Witherspoon's NYC mayor-mom in Sweet Home Alabama.

Candice Bergen