Baseball Cards by Egantx7

Question 16

First and Last name needed. This guy began collecting baseball cards, seriously, after appearing at an autograph show, and by 2012 had amassed what some in the hobby consider one of the greatest collections of rookie cards the hobby had ever seen, with 500 cards going to auction, and the ten biggest sellers going for over US$1.5 million. This guy's rookie card was a 1991 card in honor of the Cardinals making him the number one draft pick, though he would not start his MLB career until 1996, and would see him play for the Cardinals, Tigers and Nationals. His second All-Star selection came in 2007, the same year he was the NL comeback player of the year. Name this former payer who, unlike his younger brother, Delmon, never got accused of a hate crime or trying to choke a valet. Again, first and last name needed.

Dmitri Young