I've Got You Under My Skin by Egantx7

Question 11

On the afternoon of 9 September 1946, computer legend Grace Hopper was investigating a breakdown in the Harvard Mark II computer. While the problem was not caused by a bug, she did discover this type of insect had shorted out the circuitry. She taped the body of the offending insect to her notebook, noting "Relay #70 Panel F BLANK in relay. First actual case of bug being found.", which is often cited as the source of the word "bug" as a problem in computers and their programs. In a 1988 award-winning novel, a murderer places pupae of the "Black Witch" species of this insect in his victims' mouths, though in the film version, the species was changed to Acherontia styx. What is this type of insect?

Moth (as seen in "The Silence of the Lambs")