The Baseball Hall of the Very Good by Egantx7

Question 7

First and last name needed This guy set the all-time MLB record with 5 seasons of at least 30 stolen bases and 30 home runs in a season, and has since only been tied by one other player. He became the second player, after Willie Mays, to hit 300 home runs and steal 300 bases. He won three Gold Glove Awards, but his big problem was his 1757 strikeouts, the third highest career total on the day he retired in 1981. He spent most of his career with the Giants, but the fact that he ended up playing for 8 different franchises got him included in the song "Talkin' Baseball" as the guy who "can play for everyone". Identify this right fielder who, likely for the best, died in 2003, the father of the only other player in MLB history to post five 30 homer-30 stolen base seasons.

Bobby Lee Bonds