The Baseball Hall of the Very Good by Egantx7

Question 6

This man held the Oakland Athletics career stolen base record until Rickey Henderson broke it in 1990. This guy led the AL in stolen bases 6 times, topping 50 SB seven times. His big problem is his 0.259 batting average and 0.311 OBP. Still, the dude has three rings while playing shortstop for the Oakland A's, and ranks high for career double plays at shortstop, and his defensive WAR is in the top 50 all-time for all positions. On 8 September 1965, this man not only became the first person in MLB history to play all nine positions in one game, but pitched both lefty and righty depending on the hitter he faced (inspiring Will Ferrell to replicate the feat in 2015 Spring Training for chairty). Identify this man with 649 career stolen bases during his 1964 to 1983 career.

Dagoberto "Bert" Campaneris