The Baseball Hall of the Very Good by Egantx7

Question 3

This guy is a 5-time All-Star, 2-time silver slugger winner, a co-NL MVP, and won 11 consecutive Gold Glove Awards, all while batting 0.296 while walking more than he struck out. How is this guy not in the Hall of Fame? Three primary reasons he isn't in Cooperstown might be (1) that Gold Gloves at first base don't seem to resonate with voters, (2) a lack of power does resonate with voters, and (3) he managed to enrage his manager, Whitey Herzog, over not only using but distributing cocaine, which led to a suspended one year ban. He contributed 8 RBI in the 1982 World Series for the champs, but only 4 RBI in the '86 Series (though also in a winning effort). Identify this first baseman with an award winning mustache who might be best known to non-baseball fans for playing the title character in the two-part Seinfeld episode "The Boyfriend" (do we need to mention that Newman DESPISES this man).

Keith Hernandez