The Baseball Hall of the Very Good by Egantx7

Question 1

This guy impressively won the 1990 NL batting title, despite spending the last 29 games of the season with the Oakland A's. This guy has four All-Star selections, 3 Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and won the 1985 NL MVP Award. He batted 0.370 in a losing effort in the 1987 World Series, but is likely best remembered for Game 3 of the 1982 Series where he slugged two home runs and robbed Gorman Thomas of a home run in the ninth inning. A 0.295 career batter with over 2200 hits, his biggest knock was likely his 0.36 BB/K ratio. Identify this mostly centerfielder who played 1982-99, starting and ending his career with the Cardinals.

Willie Dean McGee